Jenny Morgenstern – Administrative Assistant

A graduate of Depaul business school, Jenny is savvy and articulate and a great asset to our team. Jenny supervises clients contracts, registrations and ensures the smooth functioning of all administrative aspects of real estate transactions.

Valeria Basso – SEO and Internet Strategy

Valeria, of Symphonic Communications Consulting, is a well-regarded business consultant and Internet strategist who manages branding and SEO strategy for my business and for I rely on her expertise to create web traffic and brand presence which is integral to the real estate services business.

Christa Smith – Videographer and Social Media

With a Master’s Degree in Digital Cinema from Depaul university, Christa is a top shelf cameraman, videographer and social media expert who films and edits all of my YouTube productions, high-end custom home video tours and online Issuu Magazine spreads.


Stefanie Fontecha – online Blog Manager & Developer

Stefanie is an enormously talented web and blog designer whom I rely upon to ensure my blog, is on the cutting edge. She brings a wealth of experience and insight and more than 10 years professional experience to the table.


Lauren Coburn, LLC – Staging Consultant

Lauren Coburn is a high-end interior designer who began her career with Tigerman McCurry Architects, and has worked for Holly Hunt and Soucie Horner as well before launching her a private boutique practice. Lauren consults with me on home staging on all of my listings where I feel her input will be invaluable.


Holiday Tarr – Tarr and Associates, P.C.

Leslie Struthers – Guaranteed Rate